Naperville Half Marathon and 5k

Naperville 5k and half marathon

On your mark, get set, go! It’s almost time for the Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon and 5k. The race will take place Sunday, Oct. 22, and registration is open. Let’s look at some fun half marathon facts to get you excited for race day.

It’s a Popular Race

Have you ever wondered how many people put themselves through the physical pain to finish half marathons? It’s probably more than you think. More than two million people completed half marathons in the United States in 2014 alone. Are you going to be one of the runners who finishes in 2017? You can if you register today.

It’s the Second-Most Popular Race

Two million runners is a lot, right? In fact, it’s so much that it comes in second place when it comes to race popularity. It’s only behind the 5k, so be part of the trend and run the race. The 5k better watch out, too. The half marathon has been the fastest growing standard race in the country since 2003, so it’s trying to push out that pesky 5k.

It’s All about October

Do you wonder why Healthy Driven chose October for the half marathon? Maybe it’s because it’s the most popular month for half marathons. The least popular is January. After all, who wants to run when there’s snow on the ground? Can you imagine running a half marathon in Naperville in January? No thanks.

How Fast Is Fast Enough?

If you want to hit the median finishing time for people in the United States, you’ll need to come in at 2:19:48. Would you prefer to break a world record? If so, you better get to practicing. Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea holds the record at 58:23. That’s not going to be an easy record to break.

Women Love the Half Marathon

The half marathon has been taken over by women. In 2013, 61 percent of finishers were women. Of course, the race is gender neutral. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal. You should sign up and race.

The half marathon is going to be so much fun, and you will love running. Of course, you can’t run everywhere, even if you can handle a half marathon. You’ll need some wheels to take you to most places, so stop by Naperville Italian Motorworks in Naperville, Illinois, and let us help you find the right ride for your needs.