Catch a Flick at Hollywood Palms Cinema

Hollywood Palms Cinema

Do you remember back in the old days, when movie theaters were just movie theaters, and nothing more? They had a single screen, and they showed a single movie. You were able to pick up some popcorn and a drink, and then you sat in a basic seat and watched the film.

Movie theaters have upped their game to lure in more people, and the Hollywood Palms is the leader of the pack. This isn’t just a movie theater. It’s a cinema, bar, and eatery, so you know you’re going to get quite an experience when you visit here. You might think it’s just the same old same old, but here are some reasons it stands out.

The Best in Seating

So, you want to eat, watch a movie, and be comfortable at the same time? Do you sit at a table? No, you sit in a reclining chair with a footrest when you go to this theater. You will also have your own personal table for your food. How cool is that?

Oh, you want it to be a little bit cooler? How about a button on your chair that you push if you need service? This movie theater goes all out to make sure people have a good time.

Reserved Seating

A while back, guests had to gather in the lobby at the Hollywood Palms and rush for seats when the doors opened. That was a little stressful. Management addressed the problem, and now, everyone gets assigned seating. That’s so much more relaxing. You can get your seat, get comfortable, and grab some food. You don’t even have to throw any elbows to fight for a good seat.

Check out the Old and New

Hollywood Palms is all about showcasing the best a movie theater has to offer, but it hasn’t forgotten about the days gone by. While it always has the latest and greatest films available, it also occasionally runs the classics. You can stop by the theater to catch one of your favorite films from the days gone by, all while eating a meal and drinking a little alcohol. That’s so much more fun than renting a movie and watching at home.

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